Rise of the Dominists

The universal theme of "power over vs. power with" rises again

One of the things that crops up among Pagans every so often is the real concern about Christian Dominists, a variety of radical evangelicalist. Some Pagans are fearful, some just wary, and some just really really careful.

Christian Dominists believe that the United States really should be "one nation under God," with the Bible and their beliefs trumping existing law and the Constitution. They do everything that they can to make sure that happens. They justify their actions by claiming that the United States was founded as a Christian nation and must return to it's roots. They are wrong, but that doesn't stop them from trying to rewrite history.

The Air Force Academy seems to be a hot spot, probably because of it's location. In some cities and towns, Chrisitian Dominists have been elected to school boards or city councils. It's an ongoing concern, but not nearly as bad as it is portrayed.

There have been some pretty nasty incidents over the years, and the community fallout is even worse than the "official stances. Darla Wynne's case is extreme, but not entirely surprising.

I like to keep on eye on things just in case. I've had some of my own issues, although nothing on the scale that some people have faced.

Personally I feel that religion and faith are an individual choice. I am not fond of public prayers before meetings because I do not feel that the actions of government should be sanctioned and sanctified by any god. It's the old Power Over vs. Power With thing again. And if the actions of a government are sanctioned by a government, then many people stop criticizing.

If it is "God's Will," then politicos can wrap themselves in both the flag AND the Holy Writ.

So naturally Christian Dominists are roundly criticized and closely watched by those of us who might be targeted if their agenda ever becomes law of the land. I have a simple defense. If you can't convince people without cramming your solution down their throats by the force of law, then your argument doesn't amount to much.

Freedom to choose. That's what it is about. Not which banner hangs from the wall or which symbol is up on stage.

Funny thing though. By that standard, there are a lot more Dominists out there than just the Christian ones.

Of course we all know about the Islamists, the radical Muslims who want Islam over government. Their own variety of Islam of course.

There is the Politically Correct crowd. Certain words must not be mentioned by certain classes of people. And certain classes of people are exempt from criticism.

There is the Extreme Feminist crowd that claims any action against a woman is part of the great Patriarchal Conspiracy and that all heterosexual sex is rape.

There is the Animal Activist crowd who believes that animal rights and especially the rights of certain species must take displace any human rights.

There is the Kick the Anglos Out crowd who believe that North American continent belongs to them and the sooner that everyone else is forced back to Europe the better.

And let's not forget about the Global Warming Apologists who I have talked about extensively elsewhere.

Every one of these groups has their own Holy Mission with their own Holy Writings. Every one of them acts more like a religion than a political movement.

Here's where I diverge from many Pagan friends and acquaintances. See, I have this simple idea that if the Christian Dominists are bad because they want to impose their beliefs on everyone else, then so are all the other Dominists. Including all the ones I didn't list here.

Pagans are quick to denounce the Christian Dominists, but not so quick with the others. But if you let one get away with their agenda, the others will inevitably rise from whatever trash bin we tried to consign them to. You can't defend your rights from one group, sign them away to the next group, and still expect to be protected next week.

Christian Dominism is wrong not because of it's origins, but because it seeks to remove choice. The same is true with all the other varieties. Just because you may agree today doesn't mean that is the one you will have to live with long term.

We best protect our own rights by protecting the right of others to choose. Even if we think their choices are bad.

Especially if we think their choices are bad.

We've enough to take care of with our own choices. We don't need to be screwing up someone else's life because we didn't want them to make the wrong choice. Every single time we do that, we're really saying that we don't trust them. That they aren't fully human. That they won't learn from their mistakes. That they are irresponsible.

More importantly, every single time someone does that to you, that is what they are saying about you.

Do you want to prove them right?

— NeoWayland

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