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The title of this post is taken from an old Captain America comic book. Considering what's happened the last couple of weeks, I think it's appropriate.

While most of the United States was distracted, Congress passed a bill funding the Pentagon and a stimulus package. Looking at the numbers, it's easy to see why a 700 billion bailout plan actually seemed reasonable.

Starting tomorrow, October 1st, a Brigade Combat Team from the U.S. Army is being deployed domestically. This isn't a temporary disaster relief assignment, this is a permanent deployment slot that will be filled on a rotating basis.

There are other examples, but I will summarize.

The United States government doesn't trust you.

With all the noise this election season about being a loyal Republican, Democrat, or even Libertarian, I think we've crossed the tipping point. Because of that, I do not trust in the wisdom of government. Hmm, seems to me that I made a banner that said that once...

I'm telling you this that because while the American government is doomed, I do not think that the American Dream is doomed. I think it's time to embrace those things that made this nation great, Individual Freedom and Personal Responsibility. You can't separate the two, although many have tried.

No one owns YOU except you. Others have no right to do things to you without your consent, or take the things that you value without your consent. If anyone does try to do something to you without your consent, any and all resistance is justified.

Freedom is based on mutual and willing exchange. Nothing more, nothing less.

Taken together, these ideas mean one thing.

It's your duty to tell the ever-expanding government KYFHO. Your duty to yourself and those you hold dear.

Since I consider it my sacred task to nudge you into realizing that duty, I am changing the site slightly. At least through election season, maybe more.

Serve the Dream, not the Nation.

— NeoWayland

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