The Free Market Rebellion

Time to choose your freedom

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

No, that sounds a bit much.

In the novel Hope, the protagonist billionaire and Presidential candidate Alexander Hope greets his audiences as "fellow children of the American Revolution." That's also too much for what I have to say.

Don't worry, I've no desire to be President, especially under the current circumstances.

So I will take a simpler choice.

Hello folks.

This is the subject that I have been dancing around since Barack Obama was elected.

Since the 44th President was elected, he has insisted that the only solution for all the problems facing America is more government. There's a disconnect between his words and his actions though. He promised more transparency only to ram a bill through Congress with almost no review and no chance for the members of Congress to read it. Most of the bill had nothing to do with stopping the economic crisis and everything to do with funding a radical left-wing agenda that would shame Lyndon Baines Johnson.

The Republicans aren't any better. They don't object to what Obama did as much as they are against where the money is going. If they were calling the shots, the money would go to their causes.

Obama never could have had a Porkulus if George W. Bush hadn't blinked. The "market collapse" of last fall would have fixed itself without government intervention. Yes, stocks would have still gone down. Yes, the housing bubble still would have burst. But we would have picked ourselves up and done it again.

Just like we have before.

The housing bubble never could have happened without Presidents Clinton and Carter.

The Federal Reserve never could have overextended itself if President Nixon hadn't moved the nation off the gold standard.

And there wouldn't have been a Federal Reserve or a Fannie Mae (and by extension a Freddie Mac) if not for President Franklin Roosevelt.

By now you can spot the pattern.

Government promises. Government uses laws to take power. Government fails in what has been promised. Government declares crisis and demands more power. Government promises. And so on.

Obama offered you "Hope" and "Change You Can Believe In." Obama promises that government can eliminate risk. Obama offers a never ending flow of wealth, provided you are poor enough.

I won't do that.

I will remind you that you have a choice.

You can choose freedom.

If you make that choice, that means no government promises to pick you up if you fail. No politicos promising "fairness" only to deliver preferential treatment to the people and institutions that can keep them in power. Just that you can keep what you work for.

In fact, let's look at those institutions. Let's start with the two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. What have they done for you lately?

Where were the Democrats when George W. Bush was expanding the power of the executive? Where were the Republicans when the Democrats were crafting the Porkulas bill? You think that one side or the other would object, wouldn't you? But the dirty little secret is that neither party cares if there is an ever expanding government that takes away your freedom. The dirty little secret is that the only thing that either party cares about is if their guy is in the driver's seat.

Everything else doesn't matter. The politicos want your freedom, they want your money, and they don't want you asking questions.

Politicians don't want problems that they can't stage manage. They depend on you to do as you are told, meekly and without question, unarmed before the might of the State. If there are problems, you are expected to sacrifice. And there are always problems.

But something different is brewing this time around.

Obama promised hope and change, and then turned around and delivered more of the same. Even that may not have gotten certain people riled up, it didn't with Bill Clinton. But Obama targeted the achievers during economic uncertainty. And the stock markets crashed.

Revolution has started. At this point it's a pretty non-violent revolution, but it has begun.

Tax protests? Just the tip of the iceberg. As Obama wastes opportunity, it will fail.

Without a miracle, Obama will be a one term president. He may not even last that long.

My only question at this point is if he will bring down the Federal Government with him.

People want choice. They hate having their choice taken away. And the people that Obama is targeting, those are the effectives I've talked about before.

The really amazing part is that the whole thing is self-organizing (Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations). There's no leader worthy of the name, just a bunch of really angry people.

Obama should worry about it, there's historical precedent there.

And the libertarians like me will tell you that the problem isn't a specific politician or a political party.

The problem is government.

And how do we make sure that government doesn't threaten our freedom and liberty again, at least in our lifetimes?

Make the government smaller than absolutely necessary.

KYFHO, folks.

The Free Market Rebellion has already started.

Where will you stand?

— NeoWayland

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