A Reluctant Gun Advocate examines "The Noviolent Lie"

"We tried it your way. It doesn't work…and all you can say is, we didn't do it your way hard enough."

I was poking around in the back entries at Hectate's Crossroad and I ran across a link to this really good piece.

The Nonviolent Lie

As always, the whole piece is worth your time, but this jumped out at me. Emphasis in original.

It is no longer enough for you to say, Guns are bad, Dave. Good people, nice people, do not have or want guns. All well educated, right thinking, decent folk know this, and even if they sometimes err or exaggerate, well, gun folk do too, so that proves the nice decent people are right because they should be right, so there!

No. Sorry. That won’t cut it anymore.

I have a right, arguably a responsibility, to be armed. So do you. I am no longer required to prove this. I am no longer required to show that I need to have this gun, or meet that standard, or took this training, or got that license, or any such thing. (Not that I’m going to stop trying.)

If you wish to argue otherwise, the burden is entirely on you to show that The People’s unfettered access to arms causes unacceptable harm, and that your proposed remedy will a) significantly limit that harm while b) not significantly infringing the right. I’m sorry you don’t like guns, sorry that you’re afraid of them, sorry you once saw someone get shot, sorry that your friend got depressed and ate his pistol, sorry that someone’s child got into Daddy’s dresser drawer and played with the toy he found there, sorry sorry sorry, but you know what? Too damn bad.

We’ve tried your way. It doesn’t work. You’ve done your level best to make this a peaceable nation without guns, and all you’ve done is to create a flock of cowering defenseless sheep, while letting the wolves run free on parole, and all you can say is, we didn’t do it your way hard enough.

I've told you before that I am at best a (very) reluctant gun advocate. I don't like guns. If I had my way they'd all be gone. But if those in power are going to heavily arm their minions with guns, and all the various criminal enterprises are going to heavily arm their hirelings with guns, the rest of us deserve the ability to defend ourselves. And our puppies.

History has shown again and again and again that when a government disarms it's citizens, it's one of the last steps before tyranny. It's no coincidence that despite decades of effort, no government or group in the United States has ever been able to create a total gun ban. Too many people can see clearly where that leads.

Did you know that the Supreme Court case that made gun control possible in the United States is based on a lie? If you don't believe me, go look it up. The FedGovs alleged that sawed-off shotguns had no legitimate military use. Somehow they forgot about trench warfare in World War I.

Did you know that most of the gun control laws were aimed squarely at keeping guns out of the hands of blacks and Hispanics?

I could go on and on, but I really want to stress that last paragraph of the quoted passage above. This one phrase can be applied to I don't know how many government programs and power grabs.

"We tried it your way. It doesn't work…and all you can say is, we didn't do it your way hard enough."

Great stuff and I am going to use it again and again.

— NeoWayland

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