In Which George W. Bush proves he is a gentleman, even if he did do most other things wrong

Courtesy goes a long way

History will not judge George W. Bush well.

However, in my book he does get some points for class.

The departing Clinton/Gore staffers vandalized their former offices. Word came down from the newly elected President that no one was to mention that to the press. It wasn't until five or six years later when some former Clinton staffers became obnoxious about it that Bush himself said some of what happened.

Bush didn't criticize Clinton's policies directly, even in the aftermath of 9-11. And he's gone out of his way not to criticize Obama's policies. Even in the new book.

Compare that to what Clinton said about George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. And what Barak Obama has said about George W. Bush himself.

Class act.

Still terribly guilty about many, many things. But he was a gentleman.

— NeoWayland

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