Democracy in action?

Modern liberals and progressives show that ideology trumps democracy

People on the left have been watching the Senate very closely this last week, the internet is abuzz with what to do to stop the "nuclear" option to prevent filibusters.

Up until the election of George W. Bush, there has always been a sort of "gentleman's agreement" that filibusters won't be used in judicial nominations. I agree that the Democrats are motivated in large part by Bush vs. Gore. I also agree that controlling judges is practically the only way left for the Democrats to hold onto power.

The U.S. Constitution is pretty clear. The President appoints judges and the Senate confirms with a simple majority vote. Some of the Democrat Senators attacking the "nuclear" option today are among the same ones who stood against judicial filibusters for Clinton's appointments.

The message is simple. Appoint judges we like, or we'll break our own rules and ignore our principles to stop you. I'm not the only one to notice that there are minorities in the President's appointments, including a black woman. The message for minorities is even simpler, according to the Democrats you can't be a "true" member of any minority unless you spout the Democratic Party line about victimhood.

The apparently sincere belief held by many progressives that the only way to "save" democracy in the U.S. is by subverting the very ideals that make a democracy. First in the courts by making sure only the "right" (or in this case LEFT) judges are sworn in on the higher benches. And second, by pulling unprecedented procedural tricks to prevent an actual vote in the Senate.

The courts have made bad decisions before. Dred Scott comes to mind. There is also the recent case against the death penalty for minors. I happen to think that was a bad decision not because I am for the death penalty, but because the decision cited international opinion and treaties that the United States had not even signed or ratified, even over the Constitution.

Bad judges and bad courts will happen. But in the long run, bad rulings will be overturned and bad judges will be removed. Start playing the little procedural games to "preserve" democracy today, and your side will get slapped with the same games tomorrow when your party is in the majority.

I distrust ANY single side that claimed to have all the answers. As would most of the progressives and liberals making all the noise, provided the side making the claims is conservative or libertarian.

Make it an all or nothing game, that lays the foundations for the same tricks and stunts being pulled against you. Over the last forty years or so, some progressive judges have redefined, rewritten, and occasionally created law for a progressive agenda. The pendulum swings both ways, this is the balance.

But I guess the only way that certain progressives want to play is if the deck is heavily stacked in their favor.

UPDATE: A more Pagan-centric version of this post is at my other blog, Technopagan Yearnings.

— NeoWayland

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