Beacon Quick Links for 23Mar2009

Roundup of the headline links

Kroft to Obama: Are you punch-drunk?
I've began to wonder that myself.

Wikileaks taken offline after publishing Australia's banned websites
Turns out that the server couldn't handle the traffic.

Resistance grows to Obama's bigger government
Encouraging signs

DHS Officials Skirt Open Meeting Laws to Promote REAL ID
Evidently the law only applies to the little people.

Montana's Sound Money Bill
I am not convinced that this one isn't a big dose of wish fulfillment, but it could be. Also here, but consider the source.

US Mint Suspends Production of More Gold and Silver Coins
Granted it's collectable coins, but certainly worth watching close. Especially if states start requiring gold and silver for payment.

US bikini wax ban plans ditched
New Jersey officials found they had a fight on their hands.

Law puts non-offenders on state's sex registry
Another example of the tyranny of the sex offender laws.

— NeoWayland

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