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NeoNote — Allegation is not proof

It is not as if the man has not been investigated. He's been vetted six times over the years. We know from some of our own "bad eggs" that assault doesn't happen just once. People tend to repeat behavior that has been successful or will bring them an emotional high.

Second, no matter how serious the allegation, the allegation is not proof of a crime. I'm not claiming the man is a victim. But I do think there should be something more than a kinda-sorta date and a kinda-sorta place that has been denied by the people the accuser said witnessed it. If "seriousness of the accusation" is the only standard that matters, then there is no rule of law and certainly no presumption of innocence. That is not justice.

Finally, if the Democrat senators thought this was a credible accusation, they would have brought it up in July or August. They wouldn't have sprung it at the last minute. The Democrat senators are acting as if they don't believe the accusation, but it is a last ditch effort to delay the confirmation until after the election.

For what it's worth, I think there are enough questions about Kavanaugh and the Fourth Amendment to keep him off the bench.

But that is not what the Democrat senators are doing.

Of course, when there is a Democrat president, they want a weakened Fourth Amendment for "their guy."

That is your right.

Me, I didn't think much of the performance of the Democrat senators.

This can and should have been handled much earlier and it could have been handled confidentially. I'm not convinced that the Democrat senators believed Ford. I think they saw her as a political opportunity to strike against Trump.

There's certainly plenty to criticize about Trump. And I don't think Kavanaugh should be a judge, any judge. That isn't based on his actions during the hearing, but because of the rulings he's made regarding the Fourth Amendment.

I just don't think the Democrat senators should get credit for their "compassion" and their "sense of justice" when the only real reason they made a fuss was to publicly make Trump look bad.

Sadly, it's going to hurt the election and the creditability of the Democrat party.
NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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