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Bad press

Here’s something I bet you haven’t been told.

By law, insurance companies are supposed to disclose the new rates well before the new rates take effect.
President Obama issued a gag order so the insurance companies could not release the new rates until after the November election.

Now Obama (may his Imperious Name never be questioned) obviously broke the law here for political reasons. That’s not new. Politicos lie about things. Yes, even the ones you like.

No, what’s worse is that the mainstream press won’t tell you about it.

That’s the failure here.

Just for a moment, Imagine if Bush League had done the same thing.

Do you think the press would be quiet then?

Don’t you think people would turn on the President and his party in droves before the election?

Why is protecting the Democrat party more important than the news?

Bad press! Naughty press! Who’s going to clean up your mess?

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