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“Almost Every Major Franchise is Compromised”

He's not wrong.

I tried to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story. Han Solo is my favorite Star Wars character and the big reason the original trilogy worked. Don't believe me? Take Solo out and you've got just another wannabe story that has been done a thousand times before. But I couldn't finish watching the film Solo. That wasn't Han Solo. That wasn't even someone who could grow into Han Solo. It's like he's the second cousin who gets ignored at family gatherings and tries to trade in on his family's reputation and connections.

I did watch Captain Marvel. Yes, there was a lot of spectacle. But I don't know why I was supposed to care about the main character.

So the video creator has a point. The progressive and intersectional and feminist politics don't sell well because most people don't like those ideas. The only way to get a mass audience to watch is to hijack an existing franchise.

Which then gets sacrificed for the Greater Good. Nothing must be allowed to detract from the message.

It's the same reason most religious films don't do well. The message takes over.

First there has to be a story. And at least one decent character arc. There has to be something that draws people into the story,

Then there is the message. If there is room.

Without that, the films are going to flop. They may flop anyway. Let's face it, every Star Trek film after The Wrath of Khan relied on momentum rather than story telling.

Films can be fun. But without the stories and characters, it's just lecturing.

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