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The default SHOULD be None of the Above

All your life, you’ve been taught that SOME government is better than NO government.

It isn’t necessarily so.

If there was a tax hike, you’d feel that government does too much.

If government shut down your employer, you’d feel the government did too much.

If government took away your health insurance, you’d think the government shouldn’t be screwing things up.

Let me tell you a truth. Government is a disruption. Government is about power. Government is about control. And it’s almost never in your best interests.

Then the politicos lie about it. They’ll break your legs and offer free health care. They’ll steal your money and offer you a reduced interest loan. They’ll ban your religion and tell you to “trust them.”

And when you don’t vote, they’ll say you don’t deserve to complain.

Let’s turn things around, shall we?

First, put None of the Above on every ballot. Put in some of my other election reforms too.

Second, put in a new rule. A candidate has to get a majority of the voters. Not the most votes cast, but a majority of registered voters.

This way, someone can’t be “automatically” elected. The default would be NONE.

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