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Friday roundup

OOPS: Clinton Foundation Admits It Took $1 Million From Qatar And Forgot To Tell The Government

I'm beginning to think that OOPS! should be the Clinton family motto. If this had come out during the 2016 campaign, does anyone think that Hillary Clinton would have gotten the nomination?

Republicans Introduce New Gun-Carry Legislation in Wake of Alexandria Attack

Would force D.C. to recognize other states' gun-carry permits

The subheadline is the important bit. It seems to me that if D.C. and other states recognize your driver's license, they should recognize your gun rights too.

Ghost Candidates Are Not Acceptable

A bit of hinkiness in Georgia's 6th Congressional district during the 2016 election.

Huge Profits for Obamacare Cronies

Monopolies can't exist without government support. When in doubt, follow the money. Even if it's not money directly from the government.

Innocents Database blocked by ICANN, the world’s most dangerous NGO

Who watches the gatekeepers?

How the FAA Killed Uber for Planes

Because of course we can't have new businesses competing with the established ones.

New York Lawmakers Back Unwarranted Phone Searches of Drivers

Who needs that pesky Fourth Amendment anyway?

Taxes May Be Certain, but Tax Reform Is Not

61% of Americanas want signigicant tax cuts for middle class

Without the State, Who Will Handcuff Teens for Selling Water Bottles?

I can't better that headline.

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