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Leave them alone

I’m pretty much convinced that most people want government to leave them alone.

But they want government to control the other guy.

That’s the conflict.

Most don’t realize that if they unleash the politicos and technocrats on other people, they lay the groundwork for government to mess with them.

There’s a story I love to tell and I may have written about it before.

The Environmental Protection Agency was established under President Nixon. You would not believe the environmentalists who thought the battle was mostly won. Then Reagan was elected and he appointed James Watt Secretary of the Interior.

That’s the lesson. Give government all the power you think is necessary. Watch as the one person who you think can’t be trusted with that power commands it against everything you hold dear.

It happens all the time. There is no way you can keep the “right” people in charge. There’s no way you can keep the “right” people from doing the wrong thing.

The only answer is to keep government from doing it at all.

That means a uniform rule of law that applies to everyone. If it inconveniences your neighbor, you should pay too. No exceptions, no waivers, no exemptions, no deferred cost or regulation.

The only way to protect your freedom is to protect your neighbor’s freedom. That’s what government is for. The rest is up to you and your neighbors.

KYFHO now and forever.

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