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No dissent, or The content of his character

Rhyd Wildermuth has shown me his character.

I commented on this thread at The Wild Hunt. His first reaction was to call me racist. *shrug*

It happens. I’ve said before that is one of the first reactions of progressives who want to suppress dissent.

What doesn’t usually happen is that one of my comments gets deleted.

So Rhyd just made the entry tier of my Watch List.

Here’s my original comment. At this point, it’s still on the thread.

Not all hours are created equally…

Case in point, I'm a fair cook and a lousy mechanic. An hour of my time might get you a decent meal, but I'm not sure your car would survive the experience. On the other hand, my brother is a very good mechanic and a better cook than I am. Still, he'd rather be working with his horses and building his house. He wouldn't give you the time of day to talk history or economics. I might.

Your articles keep talking about capitalism, but that's a second or third order function. The division of labor kicks in pretty early.

He replied with something to the effect that there might be something there, but he had better things to do than reply to a known racist. And by the way, my blog was terrible. Here’s my reply that was deleted.

Apparently you define racist as one who does not abase himself and humbly submit to what the social justice warriors demand. Interesting. I thought we were discussing your post, not my "worthiness" to comment.

It is your central point, isn't it? Because if one person is capable of better results, their hour will be in more demand, won't it? What's more, if they are better at farming than fishing, then they will get more by putting in an hour of farming.

Not all hours are created equally.

Then he wrote something about how my writing said that I thought that not all trans-folk and “Blacks” were equal. I wrote this in reply.

Wow, you keep trying to make this about me, don't you?

I may have written a few bits about my nephew years ago. A few days ago I wrote about the difference between acceptance and celebration. I've never written anything else about trans-folk. I try to deal with individuals, not classes of people. I've written against the actions and words of certain people, but I've never disparaged "blacks" as a group. "There's one race and it's human," is one of my guiding rules.

You keep trying to avoid the point.

I'll simplify.

You talk about the worth of your time. Doesn't that mean that you think time spent questioning one of your central arguments is worth less than posing and posturing? If I can show that some hours matter more than others, doesn't that mean you need to rethink your piece just a bit?

If he was content to leave it at that, I wouldn’t be making this entry. But he deleted my comment Perhaps he didn’t know that I routinely archive every comment I make.

The two comments where Rhyd explicitly called me a racist and the one where I directly called him on it have been deleted.

Rhyd was avoiding my commentary because I had a point. If I can show that not all hours are equal, then the logic behind his essay falls apart. It’s intricately constructed but can’t bare the weight of comment sense.

And of course he looks bad.

I’m posting this here on my blogs because he can’t delete it. I’m not really interested in a war of words. I just know now that Rhyd Wildermuth can’t be trusted to have a civil conversation. If I dared question his ideas, why then he would act to quash dissent.

Update: Literally as I am typing this, my third comment was deleted. Wow.

Addendum: I’ll play nice there as long as my original comment stays. Even so, it’s not about “sweetness and light.” And it shouldn’t be about deleting the evidence about what was said.

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