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Ordinary people doing ordinary good

These last couple of weeks I’ve had things that have needed to be taken care of. Nothing major, just things that claimed my time and attention.

Well my companions (bless ‘em both) knew how stretched out I was. They also knew how important my semiannual Hair of the Bear thing was. Especially for someone who isn’t naturally social, a gathering can be a real lifeline. So they took care of it.

I’ll admit it threw me to be “hosting” and not actually cooking. And there were more people there than I would have invited on my own.

But (and this is the important bit), those marvelous ladies saw that I wasn’t going to be able to pull an event together at the last minute. So they did something about it.

When the histories are written, it’s always the Great Man on the White Horse. It’s the grand speeches. It’s the Glorious Deeds on an epic scale.

No one talks about what really holds our culture together. Ordinary people doing ordinary good. The small kindnesses given without a hope of reward. The things folks choose to do out of their own hearts because it’s the right thing to do.

There are many more of the small kindnesses than there are of the grandiose hooplas. It’s not the impressive things that we must cherish, it’s the the everyday actions. The things that people will do without being asked.

Ordinary people doing ordinary good. That’s the moral choice.

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