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Public Health Crisis


I watch some odd places and “talk” with some unusual people. Much of it is my vigil. There are things I watch just in case.

I can’t tell you the sheer number of rumors and wild speculations that I run across. Most of it is so much dross and can be safely ignored. But every once in a while, there is something that fits coincidence a little too closely. It would explain a lot if true, even though I have no confirming evidence.

This is one of those things. Understand, this is at best a rumor. I’ve no proof and nothing really except the somewhat paranoid rantings of a small group.

There are two reasons I don’t throw this out. One is politics, government by nature will always try to exploit crisis to expand power.

The second is history of the Obama administration, the most “open” administration in American history. This is an administration that has regularly goosed economic figures, announced agreements before the other party has done anything but listened, and one that has shown disdain for law, Congress, and the public in general. Now that could be said about any administration, especially one from the late 20th Century forward. I’d argue that the Imperious Leader has raised that to a high art form, but that is a discussion for another time. For the moment, I’ll say that the Obama administration lies until it is forced to tell the truth. Especially if the “narrative” has to be controlled to get the results Obama wants.

It’s no secret that as people get a closer look at Obamacare, most American’s want nothing to do with it.

There is one thing that would make people drop their opposition overnight, a nationwide public health emergency. Then people would beg the Federal government to step in and damn the cost. Something Has To Be Done.

Now we have not one, but two possibilities on the horizon.

Enterovirus D68.

And ebola.

In both these cases, standard immigration controls would have kept the infection at a minimum. There were provisions in case of infectious disease that would have done more.

The immigration controls were removed by orders of the President.

I’ve no evidence that Obama wanted a public health crisis so Federal control could expand and opposition to Obamacare would collapse. But the effect stretches coincidence to the breaking point.

One more thing that you should think about. If (and I really stress “if”) the Obama administration deliberately provoked a national health crisis, they don’t need the crisis solved. The administration would just need the crisis. The goal would be expanding government power and reach, not saving people’s lives.

ETA: I’m more than a little concerned about this. I posted this idea as a response on a discussion thread at The Other McCain. They aren’t nearly as paranoid as some of my other contacts, and there are some good thinkers there.

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