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Slow down the fast track

For a President who promised “the most transparent administration in history,” Obama keeps too many secrets.

Breitbart reports that Wikileaks has turned up ten pages in the oh-so-secretive trade agreement that the Imperious Leader has negotiated that apparently modify U.S. immigration law.

Without Congress knowing about it.

It’s like Obama thinks Congress serves as his vassals or something.

Now we don’t know entirely what’s in the agreement. Some of it may be good. Some of it may be shit. The Imperious Leader expects the American people to swallow the shit to get the good parts. Trade. Immigration. These things should be debated.

Which is why there is a Congress to argue these things into the ground. They are SUPPOSED to be the big shit strainer. But since the Republican leadership has given carte blanc to Obama no matter what, the system isn’t working. Obama can do as he pleases. And no one calls the Imperious Leader on his behavior.

All it costs is your freedom.

Forget the fast track authority. We shouldn’t have to pass it so we know what’s in it.

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