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NeoNotes — Taking on the alt-right

I'll spell it out for you.

You don't have the might of the state on your side. What you have is a heavily divided country where two equally detested candidates never should have been nominated. One took too many things for granted and the other managed to exploit it. Meanwhile, the nation is mostly disgusted with government, especially when the "right" side isn't in charge. Most people make the same mistake that you have, assuming that the solution is a bigger more powerful state with the people you like in charge. You never realize that the bigger the state becomes, the more it will be used against you no matter who is "in charge."

You won't put down this "vermin" permanently. Start using government force against people you don't like and those people will start fighting back. Some will just resist. Some will get political. And some will use violence.

Others will see what happens when state power is used against political rivals and fight on general purposes.

You would risk undoing everything you want.

Trump was elected because a significant part of the population was disgusted with what government does. Betray those folks and they will slice off your head and dangly bits.


Because you will have proven that they have nothing left to lose.

That's the problem with making the rule of law part of the table stakes. Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING is up for grabs.

You don't have enough strength to do it on your own. You can only do it by conning people into taking up your cause for "the greater good."

Exactly like the radical progressives.

When you lose, as you will, just like the progressives you will go after your "allies." You'll tear yourself apart.

Think about this. I took you down with a few words here and there. I never raised a hand against you. I never insulted you. I never threatened you. When you think about this (and you will), there will be a spark of fear.

Not of me of course. You'll try your best to convince yourself that I am just a foolish libertarian who doesn't understand the world.

No, your fear will be one question that you can't answer and won't forget.

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NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.
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