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Thursday roundup

Why Did Media And Democrats Abandon Their Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh?

Let's Not Treat Koch's Libertarian Opposition to U.S. Military Action in Yemen as 'Unexpected'

“Can we stop being surprised (or pretending to be surprised) at well-established critiques of interventionism?”

It's OK Not to Vote

“Instead, you can do something that will actually make the world a better place. Which is basically anything else.”

Wild Animal Populations Down 60 Percent Since 1970

Birthright Citizenship and the Constitution

Facebook Blacklists Conservative Commentator Gavin McInnes and Proud Boys Organization

Three Big Problems with How Most Look at Inequality

"Organized Busing Operation" Exposed, Moving Migrants Closer To US Border

We Are Losing The Vital American Value Of Tolerance

America’s Nuclear Death Wish – Europe Must Rebel

The Democrats’ Culture Divide

“Energized progressives are thrilled with their momentum in the Trump era. But the party’s blue-collar base might not want what the new left is delivering.”

The New National ID Systems

Science Shows Sex Is Binary, Not a Spectrum

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