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Tuesday roundup

Elderly Phoenix Woman Dunks on Welfare-Seeking Phoenix Suns Owner

I call it the stadium scam for a reason.

DNC Chair Tom Perez goes to war with state parties

“The DNC wants to gather all the data points on voters into a new, massive for-profit database but needs to convince state parties on the idea. The state parties have been wary, accusing the DNC of conducting a power grab that could financially benefit a few elite party figures.”

GOP waits on Trump as clock ticks toward partial shutdown

China and Russia band together on controversial heating experiments to modify the atmosphere

"Yellow Vests" and the Downward Mobility of the Middle Class

How Long Will the World Turn a Blind Eye to the Cuban Domination of Venezuela?

Just Because We Can Create Genetically Modified Babies Doesn’t Mean We Should

‘Boldy And Decisively’: Pelosi Promises Swift Action On ‘Commonsense’ Gun Control

James Comey vs. James Comey on need for ‘transparency’ about what happened in 2016

The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance

Andrew Cuomo's Sudden Cannabis Conversion Highlights the Cowardice of Leading Democrats

Trump Is Shifting American's Views on Trade, But Not the Way He Wants

Mistletoe supports animal life

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