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Undocumented means illegal

I know, this is a small thing. My liberal friends tell me it’s just a technicality of language.

The pundits were right in at least one respect. This was a change election, and the American electorate made it clear they want Trump to be that agent of change. Even if it means a darker vision of America that, if Trump's campaign proclamations are to be believed, would see a ban on Syrian refugees and the deportation of around 11 million undocumented immigrants.
     — Matt Kwong, 'How could we be so wrong?'

In the original story, the emphasized part was a link. But I put emphasis on it for another reason.

Undocumented means illegal.

We can argue whether the law is morally right or not. But as things stand right now, it is the law.

When the Federal government refuses to enforce the law, or
let states enforce the law, it undermines the rule of law.

Without the rule of law, there can be no liberty under government.

Which means that if government expects their citizens to be bound by the law, government is obligated to observe the rule of law in spirit and in fact.

When government does not observe the rule of law, well,
we know what happens then.

People are under no obligation to obey the law if the government does not observe the rule of law.

So why aren’t the politicos changing the immigration laws?

As it happens, I think that most American immigration law is bad. I think it needs to be changed. But the politicos are afraid of that debate. The Democrat leadership wants as many voters as it can obligate.

That’s the push behind this. That’s why the phrasing has to be changed. It’s because the Democrats want voters but don’t want to actually keep promises.

And the Republicans let it happen.

This contempt for the rule of law is one big reason why people wanted a change in this election.

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