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The "pagan community" is divided on the effectiveness of these binding rituals. Many believe that public announcements dilute whatever power they might have. Me, I compare an on-the-fly online ritual to building one custom motorcycle in twenty different places with 459 mechanics and parts from thirteen manufacturers.

And there are those of us who ask why is it OK to bind Republicans but it wasn't OK to bind Democrats.

Well, without getting in the whys and wherefores, I will say it can work.

However, Kavanaugh is already a sitting judge. As long as he keeps his oaths, he's "protected" against casual spell-work.

This particular spell has a chance of backfiring big time IF Kavanaugh didn't bring harm in the first place.

You are right, it is incredibly sloppy spell work. A single Tarot card? When a Tarot deck is intended to be used together and the meanings are subject to change in conjunction with the other cards that show?

This isn't even a Big Name Pagan, it's a wannabe.
     — NeoWayland
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