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When I thought Trump might win

For the record, I first started looking seriously at Donald Trump about the end of July and the first of August in 2016.

I still didn't like him. I
still don't trust him.

But that was when I started thinking that maybe he could pull it off.

Around the end of August I was convinced. By the end of September I was
seriously impressed.

It's not the press or the self-appointed elites that are important in this election. It's the people.

As nearly as I can tell, Trump is kicking butt there.

I still don't trust him (vote NONE OF THE ABOVE), but Trump handles the press better than anyone since Reagan. He handles the politicos better than anyone since Johnson.

Neither of which qualifies him for the presidency. But it makes him uniquely qualified to upset the status quo. class="ghoster">

I still don't like him. I still don't trust him. But in August 2016 I was saying he might well win.

will still suffer.

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