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“The EU Just Destroyed The Internet #Article11 #Article13”

tip of the hat to Samizdata

The internet is the last, best hope for freedom. And the European Union can't stand that idea.

Friday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry

Ecuador says Assange must sort out own issues with Britain

When Will Politicians Admit Social Security Is on a Collision Course with Math?

FBI: 'Pipe Bomb-Like' Devices Mailed To Prominent Dems Had 'Sulfur Substance,' Digital Clock, 'Harmless' White Powder

Not meant to explode. A hoax or a warning? I'm leaning towards hoax.

What a bunch of idiots

““A few days ago the creator of the most famous consumer ‘credit score’ in the United States announced a major overhaul in how it rates borrowers.”

Pentagon sends 800 troops to US-Mexico border as migrant caravan advances

The Feds Just Hit A Notorious Swatter With 46 New Charges. He Intends To Plead Guilty

Extending the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Undermines Tax Reform

Criticizing a Drag Show Earned This Catholic College Student a Visit From the Title IX Coordinator

Their Ideology Is Envy And Their Policy Is Theft

Los Angeles Owes Billions in Pension Debts. Now It's Asking Citizens for Permission to Run a Bank.

Foxconn’s Predatory Reliance on Eminent Domain

European Court: Woman's Defamation of Muhammad Doesn't Count as Free Expression

CEI Expert Says EU Proposal to Ban Single-Use Consumer Plastic Items "Won't Help the Environment"


Tuesday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry



U.N. Vote Rebukes U.S. for Jerusalem Move

The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Thursday for a resolution effectively rebuking U.S. President Donald Trump for recognizing the disputed city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and pledging to move the U.S. embassy there.

The vote came despite threats by Mr. Trump and U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley that the U.S. would take punitive measures, such as reducing foreign aid and cutting contributions to the U.N., against countries voting in favor of the resolution.

The General Assembly resolution didn’t explicitly refer to the U.S., instead asserting that unilateral decisions such as Mr. Trump’s have no legal effect and must be rescinded. In the vote, 128 countries voted in favor and 9 against, with 35 abstaining.

“We will remember [the vote], when so many countries come calling on us to pay even more and to use our influence to their benefit,” Ms. Haley said during the General Assembly debate, adding the emergency meeting and the vote were signs of disrespect toward the U.S. for exercising its sovereignty by deciding to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. She said the vote wouldn’t affect Mr. Trump’s decision.
     — Farnaz Fassihi

So let's talk about this.

The UN has absolutely no power to interfere with the internal affairs of any member nation.

In the past, the UN has meddled for "humanitarian reasons" or to prevent greater violence. That hasn't worked out well at all.

Most of the money and most of the military might of the UN comes from the United States. Overwhelmingly so. If the US decided to take it's toys and go home, not only would the UN have to move, but it's ability to act would be less than a fifth of what it is now.

Since it's founding, the UN has tried to steer the World towards one world government. American elites have pursued globalization along the lines of the European Union. But centralized unaccountable bureaucracies seldom work. That in turn leads to more government, more technocrats, and even less accountability. For the last thirty years, globalization has be the goal.

Trump is going to disrupt things.
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