Alternative marriage types

In this post on John McCain (mentioning in passing his stand on homosexual marriage), I referred to poly marriage.

I should have been more clear.

I meant to refer mainly to polyamory.

I've no problem with consenting adults freely choosing to form whichever social grouping of however many members in whatever combinations.

I emphasize consenting.

And I emphasize adults.

Under no circumstances do I condone the polygyny where adult men are married to teen girls, who essentially become slaves to their husband. That is rather more common in my part of the country than it should be, and I should have made myself clear.

If everyone concerned is an adult and they freely choose a group relationship, then it is no skin off my nose who is involved or what the sleeping arrangements are.

Of course, that also means they can freely leave the relationship at any time.

The emphasis on gay marriage has completely disenfranchised other alternative forms of marriage. And that is why I can't support gay marriage in and of itself. I've no problem supporting it as part of a larger alternative marriage movement though.

— NeoWayland

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