Some of the other blogs

They didn't make my nomination for the Thinking Blogger Award, but they are still great blogs

Obviously I couldn't mention all of the blogs that make me think, there wasn't room if I had to pick just five. So here are some of the others that are worth your time.

Coyote Blog by Warren Meyer
Dispatches from a Small Business
This one missed my top five by a half a hair, it really was a tossup between him and Rite Wing TechnoPagan. Not only is Warren Meyer a fellow Arizonian, but he takes the practical business view of government. I cite him quite a bit and for good reason. I really like his approach.
A site for individualist feminism and individualist anarchism
She's blunter than many of the others, but she usually gets me to think about things in a new way. I actually discovered her site through when I was looking for alternatives to the usual progressive feminist viewpoint.

Nobody's Business by Rogier van Bakel
Pro-Liberty. Anti-Nannies.
Rogier and I share respect for the writings of the late Peter McWilliams, his blog title is drawn from the title of McWilliam's best known work. His European perspective on American liberty often catches me off guard, but I am never sorry when I read his site.

Brain Terminal by Evan Coyne Maloney
(no description available)
Definitely conservative rather than libertarian, but the man has brass and loves freedom. He first got attention by asking questions of protesters in the streets and posting videos of their answers on the web. He is one of the sites I use to detoxify after wandering through some of the darker bits of the Daily Kos.

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