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Well, the banner exchange fell through, but not before I finished the banners. My guess is that the Freakin' put them off. So I put the link codes in my Palm to keep them handy. Here's what they look like.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I will send you the linkcode.

As long as I am sharing, here are a couple of others not specific to the site, but still libertarian.

A few years ago, I wanted a distinctive simple design based on the Gadsden flag that also had a couple of Pagan undertones. My goal was to create a Palm startup screen, but long term I thought this might look pretty good as a flag. The green and gold would stand out in a sea of red, white, and blue, and people usually associate green and gold with money. The screen on my M515 doesn't quite do justice to the colors, but it still looks pretty good.

The design gets attention in a hurry and people tend to remember it. But greens are almost impossible to match. I like greens, but they are a real pain on film, video, and the web.

So here is my answer. Except for the colors, it keeps all the same elements. Since it is much more subtle than the original, I changed the emphasis on the design too. Still, I like it.

— NeoWayland

Posted: Thu - May 4, 2006 at 07:24 PM  Tag

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