New digital copyright law

Congress is after you

Speaking of interfering in the free market, Congress is about to do it again. Declan McCullagh has details.

Here are some of the high points.

Just attempting "copyright infringement" becomes a Federal crime with up to ten years in jail.

Software that bypasses copy protection would become illegal merely to own.

Permits widespread wiretapping.

Permits copyright holders to impound records involved in "the manufacure, sale, or receipt of items" that could infringe on the copyrights.

And creates civil asset forfeiture for anything used in copyright violation.

Now considering that existing law almost prevented people from finding out about the Sony rootkit installed on their computers by music CDs, and that the RIAA routinely attacks people with little or no evidence, this is a lousy bill and invites abuse.

As it is, the RIAA goes after people who don't even have a computer. And in at least one case, a 83 year old grandmother who had recently died.

This proposed bill is going after your freedom. It comes from industry advocates. And it makes you a criminal.

— NeoWayland

Posted: Wed - April 26, 2006 at 04:26 PM  Tag

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