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A well known radio commentator is partially correct. For many illegals, it's not about citizenship, it's about the jobs

I have to give credit.

Rush Limbaugh was right about one thing.

He defined a group of illegals that I had totally missed, the ones who aren't interested in living in the United States. They only want to earn enough so they can live well in Mexico.

So let's recap. There are several groups of Mexican immigrants with totally different goals.

There are the legal immigrants.

There are the illegals who just want a chance to provide for their family, but they still broke the law to get here.

There are the illegals who want everything they are "entitled" to, even if it means special privileges not extended to any other immigrants or even to U.S. citizens.

There are the reconquista idiots who loudly proclaim that the American Southwest is Mexican territory by right.

There are the traffickers in both humans and drugs, sometimes at the same time.

And there are those who want to earn enough for the good life back in Mexico.

There is no single solution that can deal with all of them.

Me, I want the borders open with a few exceptions. I don't want the violent criminals. I don't want anybody mooching off the system, illegal immigrant or not. And I don't think people should be able to stay indefinitely without becoming citizens and having a vested interest in what happens in this country.

Because the FedGovs have selectively enforced the law and overlooked millions of illegal Mexican immigrants, I see no way to get things back under control without securing the border.

And yes, that may mean millions of deportations.

It comes back to the uniform rule of law. You can't pass a law and then only enforce it part of the time. That only creates contempt for the law and for other laws.

Should an illegal Mexican immigrant have priority over everybody else, including U.S. citizens? As it stands now, that is exactly what happens.

— NeoWayland

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