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Sounding the old refrain, but with a twist or two

Victor Davis Hansen wrote on the "Immigration Checkmate," the entire piece is worth your time.

Here's my take on the illegal alien debate in a nutshell.

While most want nothing more than to provide for their families, that is by no means all. Some want to milk the system for all it's worth. Some want to commit crimes (look at the prison population of California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico). And some are dangerous to people and property. It's not a monolithic block, let's stop treating pretending that all these people share the same goals. I have no problem with "open borders" if it excludes the criminal element. At the same time, I think those who live here should be Americans first and Latinos second. There is no other nation on the planet that would have allowed these demonstrations, and there is no other nation that can give them their goals. Finally, I want a uniform rule of law. It makes no sense to deny applicants who qualify under existing law if every ten years you're going to issue a blanket amnesty for those who broke the law to get here.

— NeoWayland

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