Guest Article #4 - The Tax Revolt Returns

Just in time for the Tea Parties

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The Tax Revolt Returns

By Donald Meinshausen

Tax revolts have been with us for thousands of years. According to David Burg’s encyclopedic work there have been hundreds of tax revolts in our history. These have happened on every continent, among every people as a national, provincial or local affair. Sometimes they have been labeled as being peasant, anti-war or anti-imperialist revolts. But all of them had the main issue of anger against burdensome and unfair taxation. Let me put it this way: What labor organizing is to the left taxpayer organizing is to us. It is organizing on the basis of a palpable, onerous oppression.

In all my years of libertarian political activism I have never seen such a potentially revolutionary groundswell as what is going to happen this April. As a result of the insane socialist stimulus package there is now a Tea Bag Tax Day Protest Rally to be held in over 170-1000 cities in America. You can look it up at WorldNetDaily, which reports on all of them. The rally in Chicago got over 30,000 people. The greatest victory that the modern day libertarian movement has ever won was the passage of Prop13, an anti tax initiative in California. This is bigger, because the stakes are higher.

The war that ended up with British getting the Magna Carta started as a tax revolt. So did the American Revolution, which was caused by a tax on tea. Research has shown that every revolt was caused by taxes, slavery or war (basically they are all the same). One lesson learned is that any new tax must be immediately challenged or people will grudgingly accept it as normal. One sign held up at a demonstration says it all: “Big government is the last stage a nation goes through before it dies.”

Yes, many of these events are being funded and run by GOPers and conservative talk show hosts. Even the America Family Association is getting involved. So what? The LP and other fine libertarian organizations have tabled at CPAC for years and now we get libertarians on the podium. I’m glad that the GOP and the radio stations are doing the hard work and taking the responsibility of organizing this event. This will be a tremendous opportunity to show our fellow outraged citizens of how the GOP organized the first bailout, supported socialist lending policies, earmarks, pork barrel spending just a few months ago. Anti-war and anti-drug war activists can use this opportunity to expose the wastefulness and horror of these depredations of our liberty. What a tremendous opportunity to recruit and inform concerned people of what we are all about. OPH tables are a must here.

Now is the time for ALL libertarians to reach out to this movement and offer support to this worthy struggle to push back statism. That means all think tanks, media and activist groups in and out of the party. We'll remember your participation here when you ask us for support. Contact your conservative friends as well.

Watch the videos, especially the one by Paul Williams called "We the People” on the site. You gotta love this guy. He shows Ron Paul and all these wonderful signs being held at previous rallies. Signs that read:  “Ayn Rand was right”, “Free Markets Not Free Loaders”, “Nationalization is Theft”; “Keep your socialism we want Capitalism”. All this with John Lennon's "Power to the People" playing! And he ends it all with a phrase from John Galt's speech! These are our people coming there. To see it watch http://tinyurl/.cmcehsya and link to it.

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Editor's note - To correct for the broken link, here's a YouTube embed of the video Don was talking about.

— NeoWayland

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