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2016 Election

It's not the press or the self-appointed elites that are important in this election. It's the people.

As nearly as I can tell, Trump is kicking butt there.

I still don't trust him (vote NONE OF THE ABOVE), but Trump handles the press better than anyone since Reagan. He handles the politicos better than anyone since Johnson.

Neither of which qualifies him for the presidency. But it makes him uniquely qualified to upset the status quo class="ghoster">

And that is my issue with the mainstream press.

It's not that I object when they dig up stuff.

It's that they hide the stuff when the politico has a D after their name. class="ghoster">

I've been avoiding discussing the election.

I don't like either candidate. I don't trust either candidate. And I definitely don't trust the two major parties.

Apparently the Clintons have been running the "dirty tricks" department of the DNC for some time. Remember, the Clinton campaign hasn't denied the Podesta emails. Or the
Project Veritas videos.

That doesn't make Hillary Clinton less qualified than Donald Trump. It does make her dishonest and untrustworthy.

Trump's appeal isn't because of his ideas. It's because he is the institution breaker. It's because he is the first Republican candidate in decades who is willing to take the fight down and dirty when the Democrats do it.

The Trump phenomenon is better understood as a colossal F U to all of the lies and broken promises politicians have hoisted upon the masses over the years. It is the savage blowback to the money-sucking rules and regulations and taxes that heavily burden a broad range of the middle and upper middle classes. It is a YUGE “suck it” to the self-aggrandizement and pocket lining that goes on within the Beltway. It is a swift backlash against the swarm of Beltway wannabees who want in on DC action in order to enrich themselves on the backs of the people, to the detriment of the country.
     — Trump’s Invisible Shield

First past the post voting inevitably means only two parties and that most voters don't vote for someone as much as they vote against someone. Both candidates are "unlikable."

None Of The Above. It's the only rational choice.

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