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All Or Nothing

First they scare you with the crisis.

Then they tell you that they can save you.

But only if you join them without question. It’s All Or Nothing, or the world as we know it will end.

It’s a scam.

This is a tactic that is meant to control you and keep you from thinking too hard about it.

Take gay marriage for example.

Those folks supporting gay marriage will tell you that it’s high time that we as a society allowed gay marriage. If necessary and for the greater good. And of course if someone opposes it, they should be shamed. Shunned. Broken. Imprisoned.

Those folks opposing gay marriage will lecture you on morality. They will tell you that gay marriage threatens family values. They will tell you that kids should be shielded from homosexuality.

Both sides will tell you its All Or Nothing. They believe that there can only be one right and it’s their side.

You should recognize the pattern. It’s dualism, the old either/or. Look up at my site banner, we should have more than black and white.

Let’s take a step back.

Why do we have government defining a religious covenant?

Is that so religion can control government?

Under the old parity test, doesn’t that mean that marriage could be defined only as a contract between two people of the same sex?

It just depends on who is calling the shots, doesn’t it?

If marriage is between two people, then why does either a church or the state define it?

Shouldn’t the contract be between the people involved, without others deciding who gets what benefit?

Now mind you, this began because government recognized a religious covenant. That means that government got to define it.

IF government didn’t define marriage, then a gay marriage wouldn’t be questioned. Or a poly marriage. Or a year marriage.

Now the social conservatives will tell you that those marriages threaten the social order. They’ll tell you that those gay marriages tempt kids. They’ll tell you that gays can’t be trusted with their sexuality because it’s “against nature.”

Now the progressives will tell you that people have a right to be married (not exactly). They’ll tell you that homosexuality should be celebrated from the rooftops. They’ll tell you that gays deserve benefits, if the spouse can’t provide them then the state should provide benefits.

Apparently it hasn’t occurred to anyone that the problem is that government is involved in marriage. Only that is the disguise. Because when you’re stuck in either/or, then the solution HAS to come from the government. Otherwise there would be too many people trying their own thing.

Because liberty demands more than black and white. And it’s no one’s business if you do, as long as it doesn’t threaten life, liberty, and property.

Pretty simple idea, isn’t it? And it does away with a huge chunk of government and the taxes to fund it. But it’s not just marriage that’s at stake.

Did you know that the public school movement started in America in part to fight the influence of Catholic schools? With taxpayer funds since the Catholic schools were so pervasive.

Have you tried getting health insurance lately without going through a government exchange? Have you tried getting health care without government approved health insurance?

Have you tried transferring your Social Security payments into a retirement plan that you control? Have you tried borrowing against the Social Security money that the government says belongs to you?

The government has been doing the All Or Nothing thing a long time. Maybe we should make sure it stops.

It’s your freedom. Or at least it USED to be.

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