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NeoNotes — “Adding CO2 to the atmosphere is bad” - updated

Pardon, but we don't know that. What we do know is that I breath out CO2, the lizard hiding in my garden wall breaths out CO2, and so does the raven that I shared my breakfast blueberries with. We know that every animal on the planet puts out CO2 and has for billions of years. We know the World has systems that we don't begin to understand.

We know that atmospheric CO2 may influence weather (not climate) in combination with the amount of water in the atmosphere, the altitude of clouds, the amount of absorbent and reflective surfaces (and how much they reflect or absorb), the amount of particulates, and many other factors. All of which constantly change.

We know that most climate models use a “carbon cascade effect" that has never been measured or even observed. We know that the climate models are notoriously inaccurate. We know that in any other field of science and technology, models that can't predict means that the models get junked.

Pardon, but is anything I said about CO2 wrong?

Doesn't CO2's effect on atmospheric warming depend on the other variables I listed?

Do you really want me to list all the times this planet's climate has shifted before humanity could make any measurable impact on the planet? Climate shifts, that's what it does.

Do you really want me to point out the differences between ice at the polar interiors and ice at the edges? Do you really want me to point out that ice shreds all the time, that's why we have icebergs?

The model you cited can predict and explain, that's why it got tweaked. The climate models can't predict.

No, it's thinking before taking action.

Given that laws can have bad effects, last a while once passed, and can be very hard to get rid of, ask yourself if a law is the best way to get things done.

I'm not standing against change.

I'm standing against using to law to force change on everyone.

We live on a planet that has creatures that consume carbon dioxide by the metric ton. Yet no one talks about planting. Did you know that Arbor Day is coming up?

Do you remember reading about the Ice Ages? How sheets of ice moved over the continents? Do you remember how in the 1970s the environmental fear was global freezing?

I think I've taken this topic about as far as it's worth and probably a bit beyond. I started talking about how Earth Day was hijacked for a political agenda. No one here denied that, everyone just kept telling me how that was a Good Thing because you know, climate change. Which might or might not happen if the wrong butterfly flaps it's wings while I open my refrigerator door.

What everyone seems to forget is that Gaia is a living thing. She's been regulating herself for longer than there have been mammals on the planet. She'll be doing it long after we're dust.

NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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