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Ali was cool

When I was a kid, Muhammad Ali was cool.

Here’s one of the best tributes to Muhammad Ali that I saw.

This paragraph jumped out at me.

What distinguished Ali from virtually all of the others was the sincerity of his convictions and the price he was willing to pay to defend them. Take it from someone who was there, who lived the protest era and who came to cover it as a young journalist: most draft objectors were entirely self-interested fellows with few core beliefs and very little to lose. If you doubt it, consider that when the draft ended in January 1973, so did the American protest movement. The mass murders following the fall of Saigon, the exodus of the Vietnamese Boat People, and the Cambodian genocide proceeded without much objection here. Life went on for most young Americans.

Apple had an amazing tribute.


I didn't realize until I was much older just how cool Ali was. It takes an amazing man to say no to his country when they demand that he kill.

He was all about freedom.

Ali is still cool.

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