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Alternatives to statism

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Now that government has failed, what next?

Go private as much as possible.

This isn't pie-in-the-sky.

It can be done.

Let's look at Sandy Springs, Georgia. According to a recent Reason article, the newly independent city has a very interesting plan.

With a focus on efficiency, but more importantly effectiveness of public service Sandy Springs has embraced the power of competition to determine how services will be provided. Public and private entities alike are competing for the right to provide services in Sandy Springs. In addition, city officials see the value and power of a contract to guarantee high quality services-and plan on using them for all services, including those potentially "made" with internal resources.

All of this activity is taking place under the fearless direction of Oliver Porter who was appointed by Gov. Sonny Perdue to oversee a transition board. With the help of countless volunteers, Porter is steering relatively uncharted waters.

The plan is modeled after the city of Weston, Fla. With 65,000 residents Weston incorporated after years of poor public service and spiraling costs. Today the city has fewer than a half-dozen employees - most of Weston's services were privatized resulting in better service at significantly lower cost. In the words of John Flint, Weston's City Manager, "Over what the county was providing, there was a dramatic increase in the quality of services, with the next jurisdiction in the county more than double our property taxes.

Interesting idea, isn't it?

We're not restricted to government services, we shouldn't assume that there are no private sector alternatives.

Freedom to choose, and the responsibility to accept the consequences of those choices.

Posted: Tue - September 6, 2005 at 05:21 AM

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