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Battle flag - updated

It’s not the Confederate flag, it’s the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.

The question remains, why was the flag acceptable last year but is not acceptable this year?

No, it’s not because it’s racist.

No, it’s not because a nutcase had it up on his wall.

It’s not because the flag is a symbol of racism.

It’s because the flag is the excuse and not the reason.

Certain people want to control the conversation and narrative.

That means controlling the language and the symbols.

Once you cross that line, once you let others define what you can and can’t talk about and how you are allowed to do it, you might as well be quiet. You won’t be allowed to tell what you think.

And this means in what has to be the most ironic twist of free speech ever, this particular flag has become a symbol of freedom.

Because some people don’t want that flag allowed, it’s become a stronger image than ever.

That’s what happens when you suppress free expression.

You enhance the symbol.

I should have known that CGP Grey would explain things too.

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