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Borrowed strength

At this point, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are neck and neck in the polls.

I still don’t trust either of them.

You shouldn’t either.
None Of The Above.

Honor demands I point a couple of things out.

Despite everything that the Republican elites could throw at Trump, he won the nomination. And yes, part of that was because the Clinton campaign wanted him. You should remember that.

Trump won the Republican nomination in part because Clinton wanted him too, and she pushed.

Which doesn’t say a lot about the Republican elites. Why were they taking their marching orders from Democrats?

Despite everything that the Clinton campaign could throw at Trump since the nomination, he is still neck in neck in the polls. On the ground, Trump packs them in to overflowing and Clinton can’t. A big (absolutely HUGE) part of this is because Hillary isn’t that likable (
“You don’t have to like her.”). But the reasons that Trump can hold his own have very little to do with his own merits and accomplishments.

I will give him credit. When Trump is attacked personally, he gives better than he gets. And he doesn’t manufacture evidence and accusations.

But Trump’s strength is not because of Trump.

Hang on, that’s important.

Trump’s strength is not because of Trump.

Millions in this country are tired of the lies. Millions are tired of being exploited for elections and then ignored. Millions want a government that is accountable to the people.

And they are Seriously. Pissed. Off.

The Tea Party was the tip. This is the storm.

And if they don’t win this time, I don’t know if they will play by the rules anymore.

That scares the elites. It should. It scares the hell out of me.

This nation was built on making sure the rules applied equally to everyone.

If enough people stop playing by the rules, the elites will be tossed out on their pampered asses.

I don’t know what will happen then.

Liberty is the goal.

I hope.

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