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Bright and shineys

Today is MLK Day in the United States. To my knowledge, Arizona is the only state ever to put MLK Day to a public vote. Twice.

But today I want to talk about the civil rights goals before Dr. King was assassinated and the different civil rights goals now.

Recently the Imperious Leader (long may his truth escape his words) promised free community college and high speed internet.

While these baubles are great distractions, these are empty promises. They have no worth except to make you angry when government can’t deliver.

Of course you don’t believe me. But as the Federal government has gotten more involved in medical care, college loans, home loans, and emergency response, these things have either become much more expensive or less available, sometimes both at the same time.

I’ve talked about it before. Government can’t control the economy. At best it can shift cash from one place to another. When government talks about providing a service, it has to pay for the service, pay for the cost of administrating the service, pay for the cost of collecting the tax, and pay for the inevitable corruption. Government relies on force and since it has no competition, there is no pressure to keep costs and corruption down. Remember, competition keeps us honest.

But back in the day and going all the way back to Frederick Douglass, civil rights meant nothing more and nothing less than the same chance the other guy got. Neither help nor hinder. That’s what civil rights were about.

That’s what rights were about.

My, how things have changed.

Now we’ve people who exploit victimhood for their own money and personal power.

I don’t believe in “black” rights. I don’t believe in Christian rights. And I certainly don’t believe in women’s rights.

I’ve got something that trumps them all.

I believe in human rights.

Government that will defend you getting nothing more and nothing less than the same chance the other guy got.

Government that neither helps nor hinders.

I believe in free choice and personal responsibility.

How about you?
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