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By the content of their character

Let’s talk about the Imperious Leader Barack Obama and the content of his character.

The man lies.

No, I’m not going to give you a long list . But I will mention a few.

Remember how this was going to be the most transparent administration in history? Of course that was well before it started denying even routine FOIA requests.

“The NSA is not abusing it’s power.”

Remember when ISIS was the JV team?

We know that Obama lies. He hides what he doesn’t want the public to know. He lies, his minions lie, and his technocrats lie. Later if they’re caught, there is a revised statement.

But that is not my issue.

My issue is that the two groups who should be telling you about his lies are quiet.

First of course is the opposing party. If they are not going to confront him on his lies, they shouldn’t budget his programs. And they should not take impeachment off the table.

Then there is the press. This is there job, not to give someone a free pass because they sorta kinda maybe like his politics.

Both these groups are enabling unacceptable behavior.

That’s the problem.
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