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NeoNotes — Control

Yes, they did.

As a small "l" libertarian, I believe in people and not government.

I don't believe you should meddle in other's lives "for their own good." I don't believe in "do it for the children."

I believe that each individual should make their own choices and accept the consequences. I do not think that government or other people should shield them from that.

There's no other way to get a society of responsible adults.

There are two things I want to stress here. First that the university is a public employer and most importantly the female had committed no crime. She wasn't paid to lecture on feminism, the leather crowd, or Dianic witchcraft.

So why should she be denied employment at a university?

According to Mr. McCain, screening should have kept her from "living at taxpayer expense?"

Do I agree with her lifestyle? No. But if RSM wanted to keep her from working for a public university, he would need something more than religious reasons.

Do I think that Christianity should be protected from her and her beliefs?

No, and you shouldn't either.

When government intervenes to "protect" a set of ideas or a group from others in society, that means that people don't think that those ideas or that group can survive on it's own.

Think about that carefully. Because it works both ways.

It's not that the ideas are bad. It's that weak ideas and weak people are supported & shielded by government. The ideas aren't tested by real world experience. There's no incentive to get better. There's no reason to see if the ideas work in the first place.

Good ideas need to be challenged. There's a difference between using something and locking it away in a glass fronted cabinet.

I don't think she should have been denied employment. But I don't think she should have had a public forum to lecture on her lifestyle as the best lifestyle.

And oddly enough, that's exactly how it worked out.

Without government intervention.

Without others meddling "for her own good."

Just live and let live. class="ghoster">

NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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