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The Doctrine, the Dogma, the Ideal

A few days ago I asked some, um, enthusiastic Christians if a non-Christian could be a moral person. I was flamed off the thread for daring to question the Absolute Truth of Christianity.

Yesterday and today I was flamed by Pagans for daring to suggest “blacks” weren’t the only minority to have problems. I was lectured about “white privilege” and how I was racist. The comment thread was closed. Which was probably wise, considering some of the comments that were coming my way.

In both cases, I questioned the doctrine, the dogma, the Ideal.

“Thou shalt not dissent.”

The fact is that if Christians want to change the world, they’re going to need allies from other walks of life. Those allies won’t want to be converted, even if they agree with most of what the Christians are saying.

The fact is that if we’re going to deal with some of the human rights issues in this nation, progressives will have to accept that they don’t have the ultimate moral authority and they aren’t allowed to change language and history if it doesn’t fit the accepted narrative.

It’s really come down to who can drown out the dissent. That’s dangerous.

I knew it in the first post of this blog.

Both the modern liberal and conservative movements want an ever increasing government to control individual action, just in different ways.

I don't want the "bad choices" removed "for my own good." I believe that act of choosing helps people to recognize the consequences of their actions. I think that competing with the "bad choices" results in improved benefits in the "good choices."

A libertarian wants the government to leave him and his alone. The only thing that really unites libertarians is their desire for freedom for themselves and their property.

A libertarian wants the government at all levels to be smaller than absolutely necessary.

It’s coming to a head. Internationally Russia and China are both desperate for hard currency. The Euro is strained to the breaking point. And in about twenty-five years, the petroleum based economy will be on it’s way out. Nationally there are at least three more massive loan bubbles being underwritten by the FedGovs even as new regulations destroy new small and middle sized businesses. We’ve passed the point where it’s mostly government employees who show any increase of salary and benefits.

All the markers from the 20th Century are about to be called due. I do not know if the Republic will survive.

I do not know if the Republic should survive.

Here’s what I do know.

People still have the right to think for themselves. People still have the right to speak and write as they choose. People still have the right to carry guns. People still have the right to associate with who they choose.

And I still have the right to speak my beliefs and debate my ideas.

Just part of keeping vigil.
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