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Response to my Ebert entry

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Response to my Ebert entry

Critics of my criticism

First of all folks, I did read the article.

I took exception to Roger Ebert because the only Obama critics he mentioned were the "wingnut" variety, or at least the ones he could cast as nuts.

Just as an example, I think it's been almost a decade since I've seen a prominent liberal accurately quoting Rush Limbaugh. That doesn't mean I agree with most of what Limbaugh says, it just means that he is not quoted correctly.

Regular readers will know that last thing I think is important about a person is their faith. As far as I am concerned, that's between you and the Divine and no one else. Hint: read the title of this blog.

Just because I call myself libertarian, I personally have been called racist since pretty much the day that Obama was elected. It's not a big deal, I've dealt with silly accusations before. I was just expecting the "post racial President" to stop that nonsense.

That's small "L," not affiliated with the party and by all the gods certainly not affiliated with the Tea Party movement in any of it's manifestations.

What I find amazing is that for almost two years, there have been folks like myself who have been criticizing Obama for everything except his "race" and religion, and yet we're getting lumped in with "wingnuts." Meanwhile, no one on the left wants to question Obama about anything.

And just so you know, as far as I am concerned there is exactly one race and that is Human. Cultural and social differences I will grant you, but anyone who cites race is stirring up trouble. Period.

I've criticized Obama for his lousy management skills, for his inability to use the PR power of the Presidency, for that incredibly ridiculous "Office of the President Elect," for his flawed view of constitutional law, and most especially for hiding massive power grabs hidden under deliberately chosen economic falsehoods.

Why didn't I spend longer on the Ebert article? Because I get tired of saying the same thing again and again.

It doesn't mater what Obama's religion may or may not be.

What does matter is that this President has a history of fudging the facts for his own convenience. Obama promises one thing and delivers another, and then tells you that you should be thankful that he delivered. Every modern President does that.

People don't know when Obama is telling the truth. That's why they wonder if he is Muslim. Not because Muslims are inherently deceitful, but because the average person doesn't know if they can accept Obama's word if he says the sky is blue.

Post racial. Not even.

Transparency. Hah!

Closing Gitmo. Not yet.

Lowering healthcare costs. You mean the ones that just went up and will go up again at the end of this month?

I could go on, but you get the point.

Now, does any of this make Obama a bad President?

Listen, anyone who makes Bill Clinton look good is certainly not doing their job.

And that brings us to the point of the first post, because there are valid concerns and reasons for questioning Obama that have nothing to do with either his skin color or his faith. Yet that is what keeps getting tossed back at us.

I've nothing to do with Glenn Beck, I certainly don't watch him. I hate talking heads on television. You can't blame talk radio for me either, I don't get it in my area.

I do want to know why no one has called Obama to account for destroying contract law.

I want to know why no one seems to notice that the Obama Administration seems to be targeting auto manufacturers who aren't based in the U.S.

I want to know why there are continuing secret meetings between Treasury officials and large international banks.

None of this is exactly a secret.

What I see happening every day is that much of the mainstream press covers for Obama. They breathlessly report the latest jobless numbers, without reporting that those numbers keep getting readjusted a few months later when no one is paying attention.

They keep reporting on the "summer of recovery" when most folks haven't seen any recovery.

The U.S. left 50,000 "military advisors" in Iraq, and this doesn't raise alarm bells in the press?

I have worries about Obama and his statist tendencies. I think "put up or shut up" is wrong.

Posted: Sat - September 4, 2010 at 11:52 AM

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