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The FBI demands you sacrifice privacy

Daring Fireball linked to three great articles concenring the FBI/Apple fight.

First, the
NY Post is reporting a New Jersey lock company is selling 1620 fire service keys on E-Bay, Despite the fact that owning these keys is illegal, the keys are available. I'm willing to bet that more than one company will look the other way to sell you one. Think about that when a government says the master key/backdoor is secure.

Second, it seems that the TSA posted pictures of their master keys on the internet.
Wired reports that soneone created set of CAD files for the keys and at least one person had printed a master key and published a video proving he had done it.

Then Stephen Levy wrote an amazing piece called
Why Are We Fighting the Crypto Wars Again? He talks about how the US went through all this before. You really should read his article.

the Imperious Leader had this to say:

The question we now have to ask is: If technologically it is possible to make an impenetrable device or system where the encryption is so strong that there is no key, there's no door at all, then how do we apprehend the child pornographer, how do we solve or disrupt a terrorist plot?

What mechanisms do we have available to even do simple things like tax enforcement because if in fact you can't crack that at all, government can't get in, then everybody is walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket.

Please notice that he didn't talk about rights.
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