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Fake isn't always fake

A libertarian tech revolt

All the talk of eliminating “fake news” from the internet following Donald Trump’s unexpected electoral victory isn’t likely to stop any time soon. But what the left really means when it says “fake news” is, “information we would rather ignore or that we disagree with.”

In fact, this certainly isn’t a new tactic for the left. For years, any speech that doesn’t fit neatly within the increasingly tight confides of political correctness has been labeled as racist, misogynistic or simply hate speech.

Many of the tech giants that grew out of the progressive stronghold of Silicon Valley are more than happy to oblige enemies of free speech with policies that err heavily on the side of limiting speech to protect liberal sensibilities.

That became extremely evident in recent months as YouTube adopted a new moderation scheme that encourages social justice warriors to tattle on creators of controversial content and the decision to eliminate monetization for videos containing politically charged content. And over at Twitter, hundreds of so called alt right activists had their accounts suspended for tweets criticizing or defying aspects of political correctness.
     — Sam Rolley
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