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NeoNote — Let them be forgotten

We should talk about the San Bernardino shootings. But let’s do it with a difference. After Chattanooga, I decided not to mention mass shooter names ever again. I will be listing the victim names as they become available.

My first response to this tragedy was originally posted in a comment thread at The Other McCain.

After the Chattanooga shootings a few months back, a very small number of bloggers had an idea. It might be time to take a closer look.

One thing we know is that the mass killers count on their names becoming infamous to strike fear into people's hearts, even if they weren't involved in the shootings. The shooters want to live in infamy.

So why don't we take that away from them? Forever? Let them be remembered as cowards who only dared attack unarmed victims.

Talk about the victims in detail, but never mention the cowardly attackers by name. We should talk about the victims and the lives cut short, but the mass killers do not deserve that. They haven't earned a place in our fears. They should be forgotten, their history eradicated from human memory.

I am indebted to Cara Schultz’s outstanding author’s note for the idea.

I’ve nothing more to say right now.

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