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Friday Roundup

CRISPR and the Dawn of the New Biotech Revolution

Watch this. Biotech will have a bigger impact than electronics.

Susan Rice Denies Senate Request To Testify In Hearing On Russian Election Interference

Maybe because she doesn't want crimminal charges.

Paris Migrants ‘Blame Europe’ for the Migrant Crisis

Welfare is an act of the state. Charity is personal.

Gene-editing removes HIV-1 infection from live animals in study

This is about treating illness. Genetic and somatic maniuplation are going to be huge.

Amid hungry, violent looting, Venezuelan shopkeepers fortify their businesses

Socialism and corruption go hand in hand

Did Australia Just Make Itself Un-investible?

Who wants to invest when regulations prevent a profit?

Pope Francis Attacks Libertarianism

I am less than impressed with this pope.

🚀 Freedom 7

🇺🇸 Alan Shepard - 05May1961 - 1st American in space

≠ Cinco de Mayo

Mexican victory over French forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

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