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Friday roundup

Largest US Solar Panel Maker Files For Bankruptcy After Receiving $206 Million In Subsidies

It was always about the subsidies

Drivers arrested while stone cold sober

Arrest without evidence is one more sign of a police state

Aetna Is Latest Health Insurer to Quit Obamacare Markets

Obamacare can't be sustained without constant intervention

Vermont Legislature Becomes First In Nation to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

It makes no sense to me that alcohol is legal and cannibus is not

DOJ Denies Report Comey Requested More Funds Before Firing

More fake news

IG: ‘IRS Overpaid More Than 600 Employees Approximately $4.2 Million’

One of the best reasons I've heard so far this year for abolishing the income tax

Why your next Echo command should be: ‘Disconnect me from the internet’

The Internet of Things is pretty much wide open for hackers AND it opens up your other computers

California Wants Another Tax, And This Time, It Is Space Travel “By The Mile”

It's a really bad idea but the space companies are in favor

Iowa Governor Signs New Conviction Requirement for Civil Forfeiture

More states should do the same.

Where Democracy Really Does Die in Darkness

Obama now lecturing America on food waste and eating meat, gets fact-checked by his former chef

“Do as I say, don't do as I do.”

Professor faces disciplinary proceedings for calling diversity training a waste of time

“Thou shalt not dissent”

ACLU Lawyer Says Travel Ban ‘Could Be Constitutional’ if Enacted by Hillary Clinton

Literally double standards for Democrats.

Simple pill can end symptoms of gluten intolerance, scientists say

Great news!

Bay Area demonstrators may be paid to protest, by employers

We already knew that.

Pagan Vigil launched

May 9, 2005

International Women's Day

Monday, May 8, 2017
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