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Friday roundup

Corporate Media Continues Blackout of DNC Lawsuit Even as 2 Witnesses Die

The most important question you can ask is do you think this would happen if it were the RNC?

Winning all round: The dirtier the fight gets between Trump and the media the more they BOTH seem to gain but it’s his game, his rules and in the long-run the press will lose, writes PIERS MORGAN

Why the media has broken down in the age of Trump

It's not that it has changed, it's that the masks are off.

Georgia Sec. Of State Blasts "Fake News"; Says Media Biggest Threat To Democracy Not Russian Hackers

“To be candid, the most plausible and potentially effective attack on our elections is not by hacking the vote — it is through the manipulation of the American media machine.”

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook Is “The New Church”

Facebook makes it's money by selling your information and tracking your behavior.

Feds Turn Burning Man Into a Police State, Announce Drug Tests for Attendees and Mass Spying

The more high profile, the more the government wants to interfere.

With a single wiretap order, US authorities listened in on 3.3 million phone calls

If government doesn't trust you, why should you trust government?

Big Pharma Losing Grip as Study Shows Nearly 100% Cannabis Users Give Up Rx Pain Meds

Monopolies can only exist with government help.

Man sits in jail for 90 days when drywall powder is mistaken for cocaine

The first casuality of the War on Drugs is "innocent until proven guilty."

Food Trucks Sue Louisville Because Law Allows Nearby Restaurants to Shut Them Down

Should existing businesses control new business?

Did you Know That Comcast Invested $200 Million In Left-Wing Website Vox? Big Business Funds Leftists to Promote Regulation and Even Bigger Government.

Do you really think they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart?

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