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Tuesday roundup

Libertarianism Has Nothing to Offer Populist Authoritarians

As I wrote a long time ago, people would have to give up the power to compel behavior. That's a pretty good thing.

Venezuela opposition banned from running in 2018 election

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

CFPB Employees, You’re Not Dumbledore’s Army. You’re Dolores Umbridge

Any government agency that does not answer to Congress or the President should be eradicated.

From 1999 - First lady supports Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Golly gee whiz, do you suppose Hillary Clinton was posturing?

Lawyers sue California because too many children can't read

California should take a long and hard look at their public schools

Climate Scientists Are Now Suing Critics Who Challenge 'Settled Science'

The science was never settled

CNN Pivots to Coverage on Trump's Diet Coke Consumption Minutes After NYC Attack

This shows where the priorities are

MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid Attacks Rural Americans as a ‘Minority’ that is ‘the Core Threat to Our Democracy’

There are reasons why I don't watch MSNBC

Forget Collusion. Can Mueller Prove Russia Committed Cyberespionage?

All Russian roads are Democrat it seems

Promising to ‘Make Our Planet Great Again,’ Macron lures 13 U.S. climate scientists to France

Let them go

New Cars to be Equipped with “Complimentary” TSA PreCheck Biometric Scanners

Your car will spy on you for the TSA

Report: 44,000 ‘unknown’ military personnel stationed around the world

I wonder if they still get paid if the Pentagon doesn't know where they are

Dear Alabama: You Don't Have To Choose Between Roy Moore and Doug Jones

Take the longshot. Vote Ron Bishop.

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